Auction Special Items


Our friends at Biomeme have amazingly donated a NEW thermocycler for this year's WDA auction to benefit the students!

Description: The Biomeme Franklin™ Thermocycler turns your smartphone into a thermocycler for real-time PCR or isothermal analysis, the gold standard in molecular detection technology. DNA or RNA can be amplified and detected in a variety of sample types. When combined with Biomeme's proprietary sample prep technology, one can achieve Sample-to-Result in 30-60 mins. Our latest generation mobile PCR thermocycler enables multiplex real-time detection of up to 27 targets from 1 sample or test 9 samples for up to 3 targets each. Just 3 lbs, hand-held, and battery-operated for maximum portability enabling a full day's work out in the field on a single charge.

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